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               AOL- HOW TO CONFIGURE 9.0 or 8.0 FOR BROADBAND (BYOA)
AOL - How to Stop AOL Pop-ups
               AOL - How to Find Access Numbers with AOL 9.0
               AOL - How to Turn off Annoying AOL sounds



        Connected But Can't browse

        Changing Network Card Media Type or Speed










      Finding Files and Folders

       FORCE DNS









       System Requirements for SBC Yahoo DSL






      ** Enternet Support Page - error msgs E0041 / E0041 / Tap Failed to Load (E0051) etc.
            OEM Support Page -


             Error: Failed to Create on Device

          Trying to fix this by reloading the PPPoE adapter sometimes works.
           If trying to load the adapter fails, then you will have to re-install
           Enternet 300. (Rip and Re-install)


           Click here for Windows XP Error Messages 


                                             Checking Ethernet Card Bindings to Enternet 300
(making sure it is bound to the right adapter)

           Common Dial Up Networking Error Messages

click here for ***  Outlook Express Error Codes                                            
       Using/Troubleshooting  the SBC Connection Manager
         Upgrade to Connection Manager -
           Illustrations of the Yahoo Browser and Desktop Icons

 Browser issues                                                                                                                      

 "This page cannot be displayed" or  "Action cancelled"                                  ;EN-US;241344

This behavior can occur in any of the following circumstances:
Internet Explorer connection settings are incorrect

Connected via DSL but can't browse                      

Click Here to review troubleshooting procedures

Run the Internet Connection Wizard for LAN Configuration


Corrupted protocols in network component can cause browsing problems.

Possible Solutions:

Some of the possible reasons may be:
1) A lost connection
2) Overwritten or corrupted system files or
3) Wrong TCP/IP configuration


Perform a "Loop-Back" test, to Determine if the Network Card is properly configured.

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.

  2. Type ping at the prompt, and then press ENTER. If you do not receive four replies, uninstall and then reinstall and configure TCP/IP:
    ** If the card installation is messed-up, you'll get a bunch of "timed out" messages.

    : AOL must be removed before you perform the following steps. Please contact AOL for information about backing up any personal data before you remove the service.

    To uninstall TCP/IP:

    1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network.

    2. Click a component on the Configuration tab, click Properties, and then note the component settings. Repeat this step until you have recorded the configuration information for all of your components.

    3. Remove all TCP/IP-related network components from network properties. To do this, click a component on the Configuration tab, and then click Remove. Repeat this step until all TCP/IP-related network components are deleted from network properties, click OK, and then click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer (if you are not prompted to restart the computer, do so manually).

    To reinstall and configure TCP/IP:

    1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network.

    2. On the Configuration tab, click Add, click Protocol, and then click Add.

    3. In the Manufacturers box, click Microsoft, in the Network Protocols box, click TCP/IP, and then click OK.

Click OK, and then click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer (if you are not prompted to restart your computer, do so manually).

NOTE: You may receive "version conflict" error messages during this process. If you receive this error message, click No when you are prompted to keep a newer version of each file.

To check for lost connection,

Click the Start button
Select "Run", and type in "command", or "cmd"/
Now from the DOS prompt ping a website.
see example by clicking here.


Recycle and Reboot.


If that does not work, you could try re-installing the protocol from the network section of Control Panel. Check to see if the TCP/IP components are installed.

Else, you should remove the component and then add it again if it is suspected that the component is corrupted. It is recommended that you install these components straight from the Windows CD.  Don't try this if your uncertain how to look for required files from the installation disk. It's quite possible a defective CD or corrupt cab files may prevent restoring any Network components.

The safe thing to do is to remove any excess protocols that are not being used. Such as previous ISP bindings, network protocols that have been inadvertently installed.


Rip and Re-install of Windows 2000 TCP/IP

An incorrect entry exists in a Hosts file.
The Winsock.dll, Wsock32.dll, or Wsock.vxd file is missing or damaged.
There are multiple copies of the Winsock.dll, Wsock32.dll, or Wsock.vxd file, or one of these files is in the wrong folder.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is not installed or is not functioning correctly.
The WinSock2 registry key is damaged.
The Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) installation is damaged or is not functioning.
The Rnr20.dll file is missing or damaged or the "Library Path" value in the following registry key is missing or contains the wrong location:



In Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel you can double click on "Microsoft Internet Explorer"

and choose the option to repair the Internet Explorer. If it is unsuccessful, then the customer
should be referred to Microsoft or OEM for fix. If customer wants to try to use the installation disk
to see if it can repair the Internet Explorer, they do so at their own time and own risk.

   Browser issues cont-
           How to Disable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)         

Connected via DSL but can't browse                      

Click Here to review troubleshooting procedures

Can't connect/slow connection
Click Here to review troubleshooting procedures

          How to clear your browser's cache

          How to clear the address bar, (URL) window, of previous website addresses

          Cleaning Netscape Navigator 4.00 - 4.79

          Checking/Configuring IE Browser Settings

          Run the Old Internet Connection Wizard for LAN Configuration


          How to make Internet Explorer your Default Browser
(When Netscape is the other Browser)

        Download the Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

        Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the latest version of Internet Explorer and
        includes a full installation of the Web browser.

  Problems with Displaying Images Using the Internet Explorer

           Pictures Are Not Displayed on Web Sites in Internet Explorer
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 283807


         Problems Displaying Images in Internet Explorer
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 181836

         Internet Explorer Is Not Displaying Images    (Internet Options advanced tab)

         Java Download Support Site:
         (Some websites require java for web pages to be displayed properly)

 *The "User" may  have Internet Explorer or Symantec Corporation's Norton Internet Security (NIS) or  Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) 2002 configured to block one or more of these image features.

GIFs will not play in Internet Explorer

Animated GIFs do not play
Animated GIFs will not play in Internet Explorer if the Play animations settings in Preferences has been deselected.

Solution: enable animation 1 Open Internet Explorer.
2 Choose Tools > Internet Options.
3 Click the Advanced tab.
4 Scroll to Multimedia.
5 Select Play animations.

Previewing action is cancelled with error message: "You do not have permission to open this file."
One reason for this cancellation in Internet Explorer is a low browser cache setting.

Solution: enable a larger cache in Internet Explorer
1 Open Internet Explorer.
2 Choose Tools > Internet Options.
3 Click the General tab.
4 Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files.
5 Slide the Amount of disk space to use slider to a higher amount.


There are three other things you should check too:

1) On the View menu in IE, point to Encoding , and then click Western European (Windows).

2) Verify that Show Pictures has not been disabled (but you've done that already)

3) Restore Default Associations for Graphics File Types :

Go to Folder Options/File Types, and make sure that the following file types are associated by default with Microsoft Internet Explorer (Iexplore.exe):
ART image (.art)
GIF image (.gfa, .gif)
JPEG image (.jfif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg)

  Configuring your Web browser for JavaScript and cookies   

   To configure Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x (Windows):

  1. Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

  2. Click the Security tab at the top of the Internet Options window.

  3. In the box at the top of the window, make sure the Internet icon is highlighted. If it is not, click it once to highlight it.

  4. Click the Custom Level button at the bottom of the window.

  5. Scroll down to the Cookie section and find the item labeled Allow cookies that are stored on your computer.

  6. Make sure Enabled is marked.

  7. Scroll down to the section marked Scripting and find the item labeled Active Scripting.

  8. Make sure the Enable button is marked.

  9. Click OK to close the Security Settings window.

  10. Click OK to close the Internet Options window

   How To Clean-up Cookies

  1.  Go to Internet Options, either in the Control Panel or from the IE Browser by clicking on:
       Internet Options --

                From the Control Panel

                      Start>Control Panel>Internet Options.

From the Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options


2.  Click on "Delete Cookies..." and then click on "OK".

3.  To clean out the "Temporary Internet files" folder next, click on "Delete Files...",
     and then put a check mark in the box that says "Delete all offline content" next,
     click on okay.

                                   You will then return to the "Internet Options" window and be finished.

Enable Cookies for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x?

Select "Internet Options" from the View menu.
Click on the "Advanced" tab.
Scroll down to find "Cookies" within the "Security" section.
To enable: Select "Always accept cookies."
Click "OK"

Enable Cookies for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x?

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.
Click on the "Security" tab.
Click on the "Custom Level" button.
Scroll down to the "Cookies" section.
To enable: Set "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" to "Enable."
Set "Allow per-session cookies" to "Enable."
Click "OK"

Enable Cookies for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x?

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.
Go to Privacy (tabs).
Adjust preset settings so that cookies are enabled or click on "Advanced" to customize the settings.
Click "OK" for each window and click "Refresh" on the browser menu when you return to the web page

         SBC Official Speed test Page

Internet Traffic Issues /Browsing Difficulties/Distance Requirements


         Dial Up Support


         Dial-up Internet access telephone numbers


         Creating a DIAL-UP CONNECTION For Windows 95/98/2000/XP




Rip and Reinstallation of Yahoo Software     Scope of Support

            You must first go to the control panel to "Add/Remove" Programs to remove the software.

Windows 98/ME:


Non-XP Uninstalls
Follow these steps in order. Click cancel on any reboot requirements as necessary.

Remove these programs in order:
SBC Yahoo! Internet Mail
SBC Yahoo! Messenger
SBC Yahoo! Parental Controls
Yahoo! Companion
Yahoo! Login
Yahoo! Messenger Explorer Bar
Remove SBC Yahoo! Dial (remove only)
Remove SBC Yahoo! DSL Utilities
Remove SBC Yahoo! DSL
Remove SBC Connection Manager (This step should also uninstall the BroadJump CorrectConnect Engine. Give it a bit then hit F5 to refresh this window to ensure it goes away.)
Remove EnterNet 300. (A reboot will be required.)
The last step is to remove BroadJump Client foundation



Windows XP/2000



         XP Uninstalls
Follow these steps in order. Click cancel on any reboot requirements as necessary.

Remove these programs in order:
SBC Yahoo! DSL Utilities
SBC Yahoo! Internet Mail
SBC Yahoo! Messenger
SBC Yahoo! Parental Controls
Yahoo! Companion
Yahoo! Login
Yahoo! Messenger Explorer Bar
Remove SBC Yahoo! Dial (remove only)
Remove SBC Yahoo! DSL
Remove SBC Connection Manager (This step should also uninstall the BroadJump CorrectConnect Engine. Give it a bit then hit F5 to refresh this window to ensure it goes away.)

Note, be sure the customer scrolls up and down to confirm each removal before going onto the next step. Removing some of the items out of sequence can cause serious problems and may require reinstallation of software again before the proper removal can be done.

SBC Yahoo DSL Version 3.2 CD Paths (For Manual Installation)

Visual Demonstration click here.  

Windows 9x/NT4 install w/o reboot X:\Setup\Efficient\noreboot\setup.exe
Windows 9x/NT4 install with reboot X:\Setup\Efficient\reboot\setup.exe
Uninstall Batch file is located under the same folder X:\...\RemoveEnterNet.bat

SBC Express (Blue CD) SBC CD 1

SBC CD 2  (Yellow) SBC CD 2

SBC 2.0 CD

Courtesy of for the CD paths

For those who want to download Enternet 300

            Rip and Reinstallation of Enternet 300 v 1.5 Software  (Yahoo not installed)

          1. First make sure that the you have the Enternet 300 BroadJump CD available
            and the Windows OS installation disk in case during the installation it wants
            to reinstall any OS corrupted or deleted files. This should not be the case if you
            uninstall the software with some precautions.

                    Click Here for Simulation of Rip and Re-installation of Enternet 300
                             How to Create a New Profile with the Enternet 300



           Checking SBC Yahoo Email Settings for Outlook Express                                 

           Checking SBC Yahoo Email Settings for Outlook 2002

           SBC Outlook Express Setup Wizard


           How to Create an Identity in Outlook Express

           Can't send or receive email

          click here for ***  Outlook Express Error Codes

          Configuring Outlook Express using a different POP Server than SBC Global


           How come Norton is found in the Incoming POP server field?

Make sure the "Web and POP Access" setting is checked in SBC Yahoo! Mail
If the POP access option is not selected on SBC Yahoo! Mail then you will not be able to access your messages using your email client (e.g. Outlook Express).

1. Sign in to your SBC Yahoo! Mail account.
2. Click on the Mail Options link on the top right-hand side of the screen.
3. Click on the POP access and Forwarding link.
4. Select the Web and POP Access button.
5. Click on the Submit button to save your selection.

           Outlook 2002: Error Message: 0x80042108
           Outlook 2002 Is Unable to Connect to Your Incoming POP3 E-mail Server
           318790 - OL2002: Error Message: 0x80042108 Outlook Is Unable to ...
           The information in this article applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2002.
           To resolve this behavior, remove your Norton Person Firewall or Norton Internet Security

           Outlook Express Password Is Not Retained in Windows 2000 or XP
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

  How to Enable SMTP Authentication in various e-mail clients

           Setting up Outlook Express for Newsgroups

           Importing your Email and settings into Outlook Express

           How to import/export Favorites in Outlook Express

           Importing Your Bookmarks from Netscape 7.0x to Internet Explorer

           Netscape 7 Email Setup

           How to use Yahoo! Web email thru the Yahoo! Browser

           Import/export contacts with SBC Yahoo! Address Book

           For Testing Email use -


         How much mail can I get/store on SBC Yahoo Web Email?

Your master account includes 25MB of online storage for your email. You will also have 10 sub-accounts - each with 10MB of online storage.

         Based an average message size of 10KB, a customer should be able to store
         several hundred messages.

What is the largest message I can send and the size of attachments I can send?
With a free Yahoo! Mail account, you can receive messages up to 3MB and send
messages up to 3MB. This means that the total encoded size of the email message you are sending cannot exceed 3MB

You can send all types of files as attachments, including word processor or spreadsheet documents, audio files, image files (.bmp, .jpg., .gif, etc.), web pages saved as HTML files, and more. Currently, you can send up to three attachments totaling 1.5MB in any email message

         How much mail can I get using Outlook Express or any Email Client?
         25MB mailbox, 10 extra mailboxes.

         How many Email messages can be sent at one time?

A user may send the same mail message to up to 100 people at one time.
To send a message to more than one person, add additional email addresses in the To:, Cc:, and/or Bcc: fields separated by commas (e.g.,,, etc.).
If you don't enter valid email addresses, or if you don't use commas to properly separate your recipients' addresses, your message won't be sent.

Before sending your message, please make sure that you use fully qualified email addresses (e.g., You should also make sure you separate your addresses with commas (,) and that your addresses do not contain invalid characters such as additional brackets (< >) at the beginning or end of any of the addresses (e.g., <>).

To send a message, you must always specify at least one recipient in the To: field. If you don't, an error message will appear when you attempt to send the message.
Please note: Sending junk mail or "spam" is a violation of the SBC Yahoo! Mail Terms of Service and will not be tolerated.


Walkthrough pictorial demonstration   click here 


 How to change your password

The following instructions explain how to change the password for your main account. If you need to change the password for a Sub-Account, refer to How to change a Sub-Account password.

For SBC Yahoo! DSL customers with email addresses that end with

Sign in to your SBC Yahoo! homepage with your existing password.
Click on the My Account link in the top right-hand corner.
Click on the Change My Password link in the My Account box.
Verify your password for security.
In the space next to User ID, enter your SBC Yahoo! Member ID.
In the space next to Choose a New Password, enter a new password of your choice.
In the space next to Retype your New Password, confirm your new password by typing it again.
Click the Change Password button to put your new password into effect.
Note: Your SBC Yahoo! password will always apply to your entire SBC Yahoo! account. This means that it will be valid not only for SBC Yahoo! Mail, but also for SBC Yahoo! Messenger, My SBC Yahoo!, SBC Yahoo! Finance, and all of SBC Yahoo!'s other personalized services.


Your Email Address:
Incoming (POP) Outgoing (SMTP)



                              1.                                                                    2.



               Settings for customers require the same configuration rules.

Support Links on the Web

           Outlook Express Setup Tutorial

          Setting Up An Email Account on Outlook 2002/XP

         Third Party Email Services (Free Services that require no registration)


         My Mercury Support page

           Report Email Abuse


How to migrate a DSL Sub-Account after you've migrated your master DSL account

This is a simulation that explains how you can begin the sub account migration, although it does
not mention Ameritech customer migration support, logging into the website with
the subaccount you want to move, should recognize that it is an account that needs to be migrated. Hopefully the "Move" account button should present itself when the customer logs in with the sub account. Here is an example of what the "Move" account button should appear as.


Make the customer aware that you have to manually migrate each of your sub-accounts to SBC Yahoo! services.  Inform them of the steps given below to migrate their sub-accounts:

1. Please visit the link
2. Enter your complete sub-account user ID as in the member ID field
   and password
3.Click on "Sign In". 
4. Please follow the user-friendly steps to migrate your sub-account to SBC Yahoo! services. 

                                                     Yahoo! Web Mail Migration Issues

For Customers who have chosen to migrate their pre-existing web based Yahoo email during
registration or migration, they may have to login with their user id and password if the migration has failed to move automatically, at . They will be prompted to login with

their Ameritech or Sbc login userid and password and then it will take them to another login screen

that will require them to type an illustration that contains crooked characters, or letters embedded in a
unique background as in the below illustration.


note** If the login screen request that you "type the word you see in the picture below", then you may have
to reset the password and then log back in with the new password and type the word in that appears in a
window, similar to the one above. The background or the direction may vary as to fool any kind of spamming
software that might be trying to steal any Sbc yahoo members identity.

Once login is successful, the user will no longer have anymore login problems!


         Yahoo E-mail Browser Settings (chooses Yahoo mail or system default e
         1st click on Settings on the browser menu and select Browser Options


               Now in the Browser settings window select whatever option for mail you want.

               It is recommended to select System Default to give you freedom to use both

               email options.





  Windows XP Issues

         Windows XP PPPoE DSL error codes                                                             

         Windows XP Error Messages


         Windows XP error 678

         Troubleshooting Error 678

         Note** Frequently you can fix this error by reseating cables

         Ask the customer to retry their connection each time they’ve

         finished trying to reseat their cables or by “jiggling the wires”.

         Laptops are infamous for the loose PCMCIA card or loose NIC

         card port.

         If you have already checked the Device manager for any "bangs"

         in the Device manager and there aren't any, and you have already

         created a new connection and you are still getting error 678,

         then it could be a problem with the NIC card driver and in that case

         follow error 678 troubleshooting requirements and look for a transfer

         to tier 2 for possible NIC card driver reinstallation.


         Screenshots of XP panels (control panel, network connection, internet options)
  Click here to view Screenshots of XP panels 


             XP DSL setup wizard

            Creating a New DSL Connection with Windows XP

               Checking the Windows XP Device Manager

               Checking the Windows 2000 Device Manager

               Rip and Re-install of Windows 2000 TCP/IP

             XP Control Panel View

            Windows XP Control Panel


       PPPoE Option in New Connection Wizard Is unavailable or grayed out.

       Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 320558;en-us;Q320558





       SBC Yahoo Registration Page


   **Temporary user id and Password for only registering

       user id      –

       password  - sbcyahooreg




         SBC DSL Upgrade for existing customers only

         General Information


         Frequently Asked Questions about your new SBC Yahoo DSL Service

        SBC Yahoo! DSL Premium Services


       SBC User Chooser


       Current Customer Login Websites    

Efficient Networks 5100 DSL modem                                  5100 Scope of Support





No power to modem No Ethernet Connectivity DSL Signal not detected No Data Activity

Normal System Operation Normal Ethernet Operation, Link Ok DSL connected and ready for traffic N/A



DSL is training for signal User traffic is flowing in either direction

FLASH write in progress



*post in progress




NEW ***    Siemens 5100 DSL Modem

Finally there is a modem that now includes PPPoE DSL software.

If your still running windows 98 or windows ME you won't

need to use the problematic Enternet 300 software to connect.

Just like most routers, this modem has the software built right in.

All you need is an Ethernet port on a computer, a web browser and an active DSL line. The modem cost about 100 bucks.

With no software to install on your computer, it is capable ofITU G992.1 (G.dmt), ITU G992.2 (G.lite) and ANSI T1.413.It has a fifth "Internet" light which indicates if the on-board PPPoE client has established a network session. It can sit either horizontally or vertically for convenient placement in a business or home office environment. Additional features include a color coded back panel for ease of installation


                                               Setting up SBC Global DSL PPPOE with a Linksys Router
                                                                 ******* (
Not supported by SBC Technical support)  *******

                                                    Linksys technical support contact # 800-326-7114

                                                             Setting up Ameritech PPPOE with a router
                                                       General Linksys router address -

              If a customer is having issues with their Linksys router after you've determined that
              they have DSL coming to their modem, you should refer them to Linksys for support.

              If they are complaining of frequent disconnects and you have found no technical
              explanation during troubleshooting for this, you can suggest to them that maybe they
              need to have "Keep Alive" checked in on their "PPPoE Setup" tab in the GUI software
              of the router. You can direct them to linksys if they do not know how to check this.



Setting up their Linksys router for the first time

Also you may find when customers are setting up their Linksys router for the first time, they will call tech support wanting to know what the host name and domain names are.

According to Linksys these fields can remain blank. All they have to do to establish a DSL connection is to choose the connection type as "PPPoE" and then just type their SBC/Ameritech userid and password. That is all.


* Of course you can just send them off to Linksys if you don't feel like being helpful,
    after all it is not in your scope of support anyway.

                              Linksys technical support contact # 800-326-7114

                                          Linksys Technical Troubleshooting Wizard

          The 5360 Efficient Networks Modem

5360 Scope of Support


How to interpret your 5360 modem lights

After you have tried powering down and restarting your DSL modem, computer and any other networking devices, you should look at the lights on the front of the modem panel to check your connection status.

  1. When powering up the modem, all four lights will be green for approximately 30 seconds. Observing the PWR light, make sure that the power self-test completes successfully and the light turns a steady green.
  2. Make sure that the modem is synchronized with the ADSL line card at the other end of the circuit by checking the DSL light. It may take up to 70 seconds for the modem to synchronize and the DSL light to turn a steady green.
  3. Verify that the modem is properly wired to your computer’s Network Interface Card (NIC) by checking that the ENET light is a steady green.
  4. Check that your modem is sending and receiving data by observing the ACT light. It will vary between steady and blinking green light when the modem is transmitting data.

The following chart what the lights on the front panel of the SpeedStream 5360 modem indicate. Use this to check the connection status after the initial power up.

PWR light

  • Unlit -  Power not applied
  • Blinking Green - Check modem set up                    
  • Steady Green - Power is on                                        
                                                                 After Power cycling the lights will look like this.
                                                    The ACT light will come on when the computer is restarted.

DSL light

  • Unlit - DSL signal not detected
  • Blinking Green - Check modem set up Attempting to train line, make sure there are no filters located in the line from outlet jack to DSL Connection input.
  • Steady Green - DSL line is trained and ready for data traffic

ACT light 

  • Unlit - No network activity
  • Blinking Green -  DSL traffic flow
  • Steady Green - DSL traffic flow

ENET light




Speedstream 5260 Ethernet Based Modem/Bridge

Uses standard RJ-11 phone cord between modem and wall jack (supplied)
Uses RJ-45 straight-through cable between modem and computer (supplied)  (Cable is gray in color)
Uses RJ-45 crossover cable to connect the modem to a hub (supplied)
 (Cable is white and may be marked "XOVER")

    5260 Scope of Support


Front Panel LED's

1 SYS (power)
3 DSL (sync)



Rear Panel Connections

On/Off button
DSL port (RJ-11 cable to wall)
Ethernet port (RJ-45 cable to computer)
Power connector (detachable AC adapter)










Power not applied

Power not applied

No Sync

No Ethernet detected



Internet carrier detected

DSL line is
trained and ready

Ethernet detected

Blinking Green


Internet traffic is flowing


Ethernet traffic


Router problem




Blinking Yellow




Ethernet collisions




DSL line error

Ethernet line error


                         Speedstream 4060 Ethernet Based Modem/Bridge

There is only 1 light on this USB DSL modem and the light changes
  with color to determine the state the modem is in. The following chart

  explains what these different light states mean:


               LED                  Description
               Off                  No line Power or no USB Power
               Yellow              Powering up, firmware being downloaded
 Blinking/Yellow/Green        Has passed POST diagnostic test, looking for tone on DSL line
         Blinking Green          Has passed POST diagnostic test, DSL training in on signal
              Green               Unit is ready and functional

                Red                Hardware failure detected

Ripping and Re-installing the 4060 modem drivers

Windows XP installation guide for the 4060 Modem
Windows XP Drivers for the 3060 and 4060 modem                                 4060 Scope of Support

        The Westell Wirespeed Modem

    What do the lights mean on the Wirespeed 2100 DSL Modem?

Westell Wirespeed Scope of Support


                   The Wirespeed 2100 has sync when Power, Ready, and Ethernet lights
                   are all solid green. It is 'Out of Sync' if the Ready light is flashing.


                                                                           Connection Side View




Internet Security

Makers of Firewall and Anti Virus Software

Anti Spy ware Software (Free Software)


 Spy Sweeper

Pop UP Blocking Software


W32.Blaster.Worm Removal/fix

Obtaining and running the Symantec Removal Tool

Blaster worm: Windows XP security patch

Blaster worm: Windows 2000 security patch


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