As with any new or unfamiliar thing it is by human nature that we must first learn how a thing functions before we fully understand it's workings. Obviously, it is impossible for this guide to cover every possible problem you may encounter with your new system. However, we can address a few of the most common problems a user may encounter.

This link provided here is a HUGE data base of prevention's, fixes, mistakes and resolutions, Please use this, as much time and effort has gone into this help section. Feel free to drop in to the amdmb ASUS forums and say hello to Senor Panadero or Myself.


Things to Avoid

A few things to avoid. First do not begin any Over clocking until your PC is known stable and has 30 or so hours of break in time on it. The reason for this is to allow yourself time to get used to the way the new system functions. Also, do not install drivers on an Over clocked PC many things can go wrong if doing this.

It is highly advisable to get the latest drivers for all your peripherals first and install them rather than using the drivers you have on hand, as newer drivers eliminate many problems that the new user may not be aware of. Again this will save you possible problems.

When setting up your new system only use what is only necessary to get up and running. This should only be your CPU, Memory, hard drive, video card, monitor and your LAN connection. After your get into Windows create separate folders for all your downloads, (naming these accordingly is best) then download all the necessary drivers to the correct folder you have previously created. Install each driver and reboot after each install, this weather prompted to or not- reboot, it will save you possible problems.

Check the forums, they are a great source of information, do not be afraid of asking questions- no question is ever "stupid". Even the experienced user does not know everything about a new motherboard, that is until one gets used to how it functions, the forums will give a source of information that even the manufacture can not compare too. Click here to visit the amdmb forums.



The most common error a user may encounter when attempting to post the first time is an incorrectly installed piece of hardware.

Generally, a quick review of your hardware settings and their connections will solve many problems. It is important to remember that if this is your first system build to not get overly concerned to quickly. Try to be as analytical as possible. That is to say- work towards the possible cause of the problem first and then continue in a logical fashion. Below I have listed a brief check list-