Motherboard Specifics -

Identification- Version. To find this information look between the #2 and #3 PCI slots.  It should read as follows- ASUS A7N8X then in very small print your revision number. The motherboard I.D number is located as a white sticker on the I/O panel.

The Asus A7N8X is a fairly well made product, and because of modern technology advancements uses very little in the way of jumpers.

However, there are a few jumpers to take note of.

Depending on your particular motherboard choice (Deluxe or Standard) various jumpers are available that enable or disable various on-board components/functions. We shall cover the following, most common features - SATA, CMOS, FSB, Keyboard, and USB. For exact settings, refer to your A7N8X owners manual.

SATA - this jumper enables or disables SATA hard drive use. You may prefer to disable this if you will not be not using any SATA drives, as this will greatly speed up the boot sequence time and free up some resources.

CMOS - this jumper is only used when problems occur due to Overclocking, or when new hardware that was previously installed has caused a severe conflict and is preventing your system from booting up.

FSB - this jumper sets the default CPU type and speed. Default factory setting is 133/166/200 (refer to your manual for correct settings)

Keyboard - this jumper allows a user to use the keyboard to wake the PC. (default is "off")

USB - this jumper does 3 things. The first two enable two different voltage type settings, the other is "off".