BIOS- user suggestions.

You may wonder why I have decided to include this page? I feel that any advice that may save another user time or future problems is definitely worth presenting.

another great post from the amdmb forums:    nameless writes-

I would recommend that, under the BIOS section, you mention that the "ACPI Suspend to RAM" setting should be enabled prior to installing Windows, unless the user is 100% they will never, ever want to use that feature. This setting is found under the "Power Management Setup" section of the BIOS (at least it is on A7N8X Deluxe 1.0x boards; perhaps someone will confirm this is true for 2.0x boards as well).

The reason for this advice is that if "ACPI Suspend to RAM" is not enabled (it is disabled, by default), Windows will configure the system so that suspend to RAM cannot be used at all. There is a way around this, but it's an awful lot more convenient to do it right from the beginning.