Hello everyone, and welcome to our A7N8X Deluxe general set up guide- a work in progress.

Much of what is written here are the documented experiences of myself and many different users over the past few months.

I have tried to write in such a way that even the unfamiliar user will be able to follow this guide. I hope that I have been successful.

I would like to personally thank everyone for their input as this guide wouldn't have been possible without your ideas and input.

Special thanks to Senor Panadero for his proof reading and assistance. Thanks, Senor! (Moderator Supreme)

Special Thanks to Tony In Seattle for his excellent SATA Guide. Thanks, Tony!

Special thanks to Adano for his editorial skills. Thanks, Adano!

To those who have posted suggestions: I have tried to include everyone names, if I forgot you- please let me know, I will correct this A.S.A.P.

And last, but certainly not least, Thanks to amdmb for hosting such a great forum for us all to communicate from.

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stay tuned- more coming daily!

A special note: I originally referred to this guide as mine but as time passed I began to realize that, although the initial idea was mine, much of what is written stems from ideas of many people besides myself.

Credit for this guide is not just to myself but many helpful people. Enjoy.


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Neither I, nor amdmb take ANY responsibility for possible problems encountered- this is a guide, presented for free- nothing more.

This document is the sole property of Alpha_03. Please do not link to or copy this guide for reproduction with out my expressed written permission.

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